LeAnn Rimes says (twitter) war is one sided with Brandi Glanville

This post seems never stop updating. I had to separate them in to different posts! 

Original Post Update #1




6 thoughts on “LeAnn Rimes says (twitter) war is one sided with Brandi Glanville”

    1. I actually feel bad for LR the more I think about. Think about it! She altered her looks, when you see pics of her and Eddie together she is holding on to him in an insecure way, she refuses to believe (according to Brandi) she married a serial Cheater, she is copying Brandi and the list goes on. As much as it makes me mad what LR does; something isn’t right. Like I said, when Tori Spelling cheated on her husband and Dean left his wife when they had just adopted a newborn, she didn’t flaunt him like LR did. This post wouldn’t exist as accounts like blockedbyLR if LR wouldn’t of done the things she did pubicly then go on T.V. and act like she was the victim in this all. I really hope she gets it together. I really do.

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